TeslaTone muscle sculpting

TeslaTone muscle sculpting

This treatment is the only procedure which helps to build muscle and burn fat simultaneously. A single 30-minute session causes powerful muscle contractions, which drastically improve the tone of your muscles. This is a great alternative to surgical fat loss procedures, and requires no down-time!

Compared to other procedures, the Body Builder produces rapid results. A simple 30 minute session could change your life drastically!



Body Builder
1 x session $149
4 x session (20% off) $476.80


The process works by directing highly focused electromagnetic energy to the area, forcing the muscles to contract in a way that is not possible through exercise. This signals the fat cells in the area to break down, which are then metabolised in the body and excreted as waste.

The ideal candidate is:

  physically fit but has small sections of stubborn fat

  close to their ideal weight but needs extra assistance to remove unwanted fat

  health conscious and maintains a regular exercise regime

The Body Builder treatment feels like an intense workout, but does not require you to be standing during the procedure. Clients are encouraged to lie down and relax throughout.

Results are usually noticeable right after the treatment, however gradual improvement can be seen after 2-3 weeks.