Tattoo Removal

Tattoo Removal

Tattoo removal involves short bursts of light which penetrate the skin through the tattoo pigment. The laser dissolves the ink molecules into smaller pieces which are then absorbed and removed naturally.

Unlike outdated laser treatments used by other clinics, our laser system treats all colours, quickly and effectively. The consulting therapist will advise you on how many sessions are needed, as this vary depending on your tattoo.

Satisfaction guaranteed! Free tattoo removal for all tattoos made from cancer treatments or other medical procedures.

tattoo removal

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$99 INTRO$99
Tiny Area (4cm x 2cm)$129/$64.5
Small Area (10cm x 5cm)$299/$149.5
Medium Area (15cm x 10cm)$399/$199.5
Large Area (25cm x 20cm) $499/$249.5


The pain threshold for every person is different, and often depends on the sensitivity of the area. The treatment time is a lot faster than the application of the tattoo, and is generally less painful than the tattooing application.

There are many different factors which contribute to the removal of a tattoo, including: skin type, tattoo location, colours, amount of ink, scarring, and individual immune systems. Generally speaking, laser tattoo removal can require anywhere from three to twelve treatments.

Yes, it is. We pride ourselves in providing a safe and comfortable environment for our treatments, and will always assess your individual needs prior to beginning the procedure.