Pico rejuvenation

Pico Rejuvenation

Pico laser delivers precise and targeted bursts of laser energy, which stimulates a vibration throughout the surface of the skin, ultimately triggering a collagen response. Pico lasers are one of the world’s most efficient laser platforms for various aesthetic applications, including acne scar treatment, pigmentation, melasma, and skin-tightening. Pico laser involves very little side effects compared to other laser treatments.



Pico Hollywood facial
1 x session $399
4 x session(20% off) $1276.8


The benefits of this innovative technology include:


– Non-invasive treatment

– Short procedure time

– Little to no recovery time

– Minimal risks

– Treats a variety of common concerns and imperfections

The length of a Pico Treatment can vary depending on the area and skin concern. A typical Pico treatment can take as little as 15 minutes, however your consultant will advise you of the time frame.