Unhappy with waxing or shaving skin to remove unwanted hairs? Consider permanent laser hair removal services in our Sydney-based clinic where we offer a range of services. 



How Laser Hair Removal Benefits You?

Laser hair removal is fast becoming a common cosmetic procedure to stall the growth of unwanted hairs on face, legs, underarms or even full body. You can enjoy lasting and incredible results leaving attached skin unharmed.

The procedure involves the astute application of highly concentrated light into the affected area to destroy hair follicles leaving the skin smooth and supple without any trace of ingrown hairs. Know more about our laser hair removal specials for males and females from our Rockdale-based .

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How We Perform Laser Hair Removal Procedure?

We offer fast, safe and reliable laser hair removal services for best and permanent results.  Our experienced therapists employ the world’s most efficient hair removal treatment- medical grade Candela GentleLase system.

Candela technology is a versatile and safe procedure that does wonders on light and dark skin tones; normal, dry and oily skin; and even sensitive skin.  Practically, this laser treatment works exceptionally well on all body parts.

We boast of state-of-the-art lasers that have shown unbelievable great results in treating areas such as the face, legs, underarms and even bikini line, in no time and absolutely no lingering skin damage.

For any discomfort during the procedure, we provide anti-inflammatory creams, cold water or even ice packs to ease the skin tension. We recommend a gap of four to six weeks after every laser hair treatment.

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Our Post-Treatment Care Tips for Men &Women

Our laser hair removal services ensure a comforting experience to all the clients. However, mild redness similar to sunburns in the treated areas is completely normal and will naturally fade away in 2-4 days.

If the need arises, we will treat your skin with the Dynamic Cooling Device mechanism without any discomfort.

Our skin specialists recommend some precautions, generally, for a day or two, but may stretch for weeks:

  • Soothing gel to revive the skin back to normalcy after the laser session
  • Avoid going out in the sun and if unavoidable, apply SPF 30+ every day for UVA + UVB protection.
  • A big no to waxing, shaving, spas, hot showers or any intense activity that affects the skin.
  • Drink plenty of water to keep the skin hydrated and cool.

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